Monday, October 15, 2012

Keaney Bopper

Keane is 4 months old.  Wahoo!  Can he roll over?  No.  But he CAN drool a lot, fit his entire hand in his mouth, and shoot his Binky across the room with the flick of his tongue.

One Month

 Two Months

 Three Months

 Four Months

 Keane took his first beach trip to Florida, September 2012, and is definitely a warm weather baby.  He slept on the beach, played in the water, and loved every minute of it.

 A Rigdon trait is to stick your tongue out when thinking, pondering and contemplating something very hard.  It does not skip generations.

 Keane loves his papa, and his papa loves him.  Plus he has super hip Halloween pajammies.

 I took him running the other day, which is not unusual.  It was, however, 37 degrees outside, which WAS unusual, for him anyways.  So we got him all bundled up and he didn't seem to mind.

 Post run, rosy cheeks, but still smiling!

The weather is starting to get cold, and stay cold.  The man cub has to wear a lot more layers, which he isn't super fond of all the time, but he sure looks dashing!

Life at The Ohio

We are all continuing to adjust to things here in Ohio.  Ohio itself is fabulous.  We really like the area, the enormous trees, how green everything is.  The biggest adjustment might be all the red that people wear in their pride for OSU.  For those of you who do not know, THE Ohio State University (yes, that is what it is called, and yes that is what people call it.  "Hey, where do you go to school?"  "I go to THE Ohio state university" "Ah yes, As opposed to the OTHER Ohio State University....) has a football field that seats 103,000.  Well, they ALWAYS oversell, and so every Saturday 108,000 red wearing crazies are crammed snugly into the football stadium.  We live about 3 miles away from the stadium and have made the mistake of trying to get on the freeway on game day.  Not the brightest idea. Despite all of this, Andrew and I still want to go to a game.  It's bound to be different from our good ol' BYU football games (ra ra, rarara, ra, ra rarara GOOOOOO COUGARS!)  First off, It is the OSU Buckeyes.  For those of you who don't know what a buckeye is, it is a nut, similar to an acorn, that falls off trees around here.  So...THATS an exciting mascott...