Saturday, July 5, 2014

We are sad, we are pathetic...

Why hello!!  It has been about 6 months which seems about right for us as far as blogging goes!  So to our two faithful readers, we apologize for the lack of updates!  We intend to do better (but we always intend to do better and don't so...don't expect much...).

It has come to our (yes...our!) attention that we (Andrew and Brittney, Brittney and Andrew) are officially....really lame.

If you wish to know just why I say that, please continue reading.  If not, please exit this browser.

Let's begin with:

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!  Happy Independence Day! Hopefully it was lovely for all of you.

Here is a briefing of our day:

We had a festive breakfast of whole wheat pancakes, blueberries, strawberries, whipped cream and other delicious options with friends.

We even let Keane eat this time.  Must really be a special day.

After we ate we walked around the corner to the annual Upper Arlington 4th of July Parade with above mentioned friends. The lovely folks of Upper Arlington (UA) do not mess around when it comes to their annual traditions.  Today is Friday, correct?  Last SUNDAY people began leaving their chairs, tables and small children on the side of the road to stake their claim for their parade watching pleasure.  And what's more amazing, no one stole any of these items. We, of course, followed suit and put our chairs out early in the week.  "When in Rome.." right?

We took naps (Keane), watched an episode of Sherlock (Andrew and myself), went to the pool, made a delicious dinner and went and got ice cream at our friendly neighborhood Graeter's.

Keane prefers a more "earthy" flavor for his ice cream so he sat in the dirt to eat.

We then wandered over to the park (where we also had to stake our claim on some public real estate in order to have a place to sit to watch the big show!).  We found our blanket and chairs and set up camp, anxious for the fireworks.  This was Keane's first fireworks show, he was ecstatic to see the night sky as I'm fairly certain that he believes the sky does not get dark anymore since he goes to sleep when it is still light and wakes up after the sun comes up.

Alright, this is where it gets good folks:

We are sitting in our chairs, Keane is on my lap, we have the blanket because it randomly got chilly.

The fireworks start!  YAY!  We watch, we oooooo, we ahhhhhh, we ohhhhhh.  Big K thinks that the fireworks are enormous lightning bugs, but that's neither here nor there.

Suddenly I hear Andrew begin to laugh and say something like "Oh my gosh..".  I inquire as to what is "up" and he says, "What was two days ago?"
"What was the DATE, Brittney?"
"Umm...July 2nd..OH MY GOSH!!!!  We forgot our anniversary!!!!"

HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT!?  It's not like we've been married for 30 years and are just stuck in our ways.  Its been 4 years.  That's less than a handful! And we both skipped it.  We didn't even remember the day of, or even the day after.  Nope, 2 days later.  Now it's not like we celebrate big or anything, we usually just go to dinner or pat each other on the back and say "Good job surviving another year!" (So I guess it's not too difficult to believe that we forgot, seeing how un-festive we are..)

So, Andrew, Happy Anniversary Baby!  Sure was a good one, eh!? This is what I call True Love!