Friday, April 26, 2013

Walkin' and a Talkin' in our sleep

Andrew talks in his sleep.

A lot.

He also snores.

A lot.

Despite all of this, I love him. Maybe even because of it.

A lot.

Let me paint a little picture:

We were married on a Friday afternoon.  The next Tuesday night (yes, I remember the exact day) we were at my family reunion (and yes, we went to a family reunion less than a week after getting hitched).  In the middle of the night Andrew yells out:


After getting over my initial shock of being woken up to his shouting, I realized he was sleep-talking and decided to try and see what fun I could have with this.

"Andrew, why is resistance futile?"

"Because we have come so far!"

"So far in what?"


That is when I burst out laughing.

Often times Andrew will say things in his sleep and when I ask what it was he said, it wakes him up and he replies with, "Oh nothing."  Or "Stop making fun of me!"

One night he woke up yelling in Portuguese.  Apparently I had made him so mad in his dream that he swore at me in a language I don't understand so that I wouldn't get offended....this was his explanation anyhow.

Last week around 2 am he woke me with a start speaking very quickly and in a stressful tone:

"Brittney, I went into Keane's room to change his diaper and when his diaper was off he peed on my leg and it burned like acid!  We have to take him to the hospital!"

Taken completely by surprise I shoot up and say, "WHAT??!!!"

Calmly he realizes he was sleep-talking and replies, "Oh nothing.  Love you goodnight"

Ah, yes, his other go-to phrase when he realizes he's been caught is to mumble sleepily, "I love you..."