Saturday, October 8, 2011

OUR story

Ok, maybe we are not the best at maintaining a blog. I don't feel like its right to say we are going to "get back to it" because 3 blog posts don't really count as being committed to blogging. But we will attempt to do better.

How we met

Some of you know Andrew, and some of you know me, but only a few of you know US. So I figured it was about time to tell OUR STORY. Andrew and I have an interesting history, to say the least.

September 2005: yes, the story begins over 6 years ago. I started my sophomore year at BYU and I needed a job. I got a job at the Global Service Desk. That is the tech support office for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I worked on a team that was the home base for people who were installing wireless internet into church, institutes, seminary buildings and family history centers across the United States. Andrew was on that team, along with several other BYU students. Well, everyone on the team was SUPER nice to me, except Andrew. He wouldn’t say two words to me. But alas, you can’t win them all, right? I happen to be so charming, however, that I broke through his shell and we became work pals. One day at work we were talking about BYU homecoming week and how the next day free pancakes would be served. We decided we would get some friends together and go together. I think we both were semi interested in eachother, but we gotta start slow.

We became good friends, but I started dating someone else, and dated him for several months. Andrew and I stayed friends through that whole semester, and in January, my boyfriend and I broke up. But no no no, Andrew and I did not start dating then. We started hanging out a lot though.

"Hanging out" at his apartment sometime in 2006

Fast forward to April, end of the semester, I was about to go to Vienna to study abroad for the summer. I asked Andrew on our first date (he was kinda shy back then, guys..). Our first date consisted of going to Color Me Mine and painting sushi plates for eachother (which we still have!). That evening, we got back to my apartment. Previously in the evening Andrew had told me that he walked in on a Mary Kay party the other day and participated in the Satin Lips event. Well, in my apartment, before he left, I gave him a hug and he looks at me and said, “Ya know, I still have Satin lips…” Well, I caught the hint. First kiss, accomplished.

I went to Vienna, and just before I came home I remember thinking, “uh-oh. I hope he doesn’t think we are TOGETHER!” So I wrote him a very clear email stating that I wanted to be friends and I didn’t want him thinking that we were a couple.

Through the next few months we hung out a lot, we went on a date or two, but I could not commit to dating him. In fact, he asked me to give it a shot, and I did for two weeks. But then I broke up with him. It just didn’t feel right and I don’t know why. Once again, I started dating another person just after Thanksgiving (we are now in 2006). Well Andrew and I didn’t talk too much between then and April, when the semester ended and I went to Arizona for the summer. Well the guy I was dating and I broke up that summer. And in fall 2007 I went back for my Senior year of BYU.

That first semester I decided that I needed a break from school and I wanted to go on a mission for my church. I distinctly remember Andrew saying to me, “you don’t seem like the type of person to go on a mission.” I also remember thinking, “I’ll show YOU!” We were very good friends that semester, and just after Christmas as I was preparing to go on my mission to South Korea, Andrew came down to Arizona to visit.

Well I was gone for 1.5 years. But I had a distinct thought towards the end of my mission that Andrew and I would probably start dating when I got back. Again I thought, “I dunno if that’s what I want…” But I went home and by that point (after knowing eachother for 4 years) Andrew and I had become best friends.

My best friend and I, goin to the temple

Through several years of up and downs and working together, and spending so much time together, we really were best friends.

I think we were cleaning the floor..?

Well Lucky for me, Andrew was still living in Provo and working in a nearby town. He had graduated a few years earlier and was just working.

I went back to finish my degree and we started doing things together every day.

Getting ready for a BEATLES party
Jammin to Beatles on rockband, we are THAT cool!

The first time he kissed me (this time) I said, “what are you doing??? We are not dating!” He said, “Hey, I never said we were. This doesn’t mean we are exclusive! CALM DOWN!” well slowly but surely we started dating. We saw eachtoher every day even though both of us were so busy in our own worlds.

Welp, fast forward to April 2010. I was getting ready to graduate, I didn’t know where Andrew and I were going, and he was unsure about getting married. I decided that after graduation if Andrew hadn’t made a decision by graduation, then I would need to break it off and move home to Arizona, because there wasn’t anything for me in Provo except Andrew. Well, coincidently enough, the day I had planned to break up with Andrew, he proposed to me.

He went to his house to pick him up, my family was coming into town for graduation and we were going to dinner with them (my roommate had convinced me to wait to break up with him…she knew something…). Well Andrew said his brother had a dead battery at work (which was the same place we worked at together) and asked if we could go give it a jump. So we went out there and they “jumped” the car that did not have a dead battery. His brother told us that we could look around the building etc since it had changed so much since we worked there. I thought, “uh, ok. Its raining, its 40 degrees outside, and my parents are waiting for us…but sure, lets look around.” We went inside, talked to some people, and then Andrew says “Hey lets go walk down the path and look at the place I camped at a few times!” I said, “Andrew, its cold…its raining….” Andrew: “please?? It was so fun! Plus remember how we used to go on walks out here all the time! Lets go! Just really fast??” Brittney: “fine…” (ps…im not a fan of cold….). So we are going down this path, its raining, and we see two baby cougars walk out from the brush. Andrew: COOL! Lets get closer!” Brittney: “HELLO??? Baby cougars means MAMA cougar is somewhere…lets GO!” Andrew: “Lets go around them…come on!” So we are walking through the muddy grass when he grabs my hand and I turn around to say “WHAT?? ITS COLD OUT HERE!” and instead I see him on his knee. BOOM, engaged.

8 weeks later we were married.

4 weeks later we moved to Colorado.

2 weeks later I started my job as an Athletic Trainer.

1 week later Andrew began graduate school after 3 years of no school.

And here we are!


  1. hehehe! Love the story. I never really knew all of it. Now I do!

  2. I don't think I knew all of this either...

  3. Oh I am so glad to know all of this. I only had a vague outline from VaLynn. Much better with the details. Yay ! I am so glad you got together. And I am SO glad you blogged hooray!