Monday, February 13, 2012

The Peanut

Most of you know it, but I guess we had better "prove it". There is going to be a Rigdon Jr., or Juniorette joining us in June (all those J's were not planned...). The kid has been baking for 23 weeks now. We have had an 8 week ultrasound and a 20 week ultrasound.

16 Weeks

We will not bore you with all the details of peeing on a stick, morning sickness, and an ever growing belly, but here are some fun pictures! This first one is when Brittney first started noticing a difference, but no one else could....

18 Weeks

Christmas in Colorado Springs, a little tiny itty bitty belly with the Lemons family. We announced to the Rigdon side over Thanksgiving, and to the Lemons side about the same time, but this is the first time we saw the Lemons' since being "with child".

21 Weeks

Someone told us once (actually, everyone says it..) it was good to go swimming whilst pregnant. It's good for the baby, they say. Well, we walk into the indoor pool at CSU and the 18 year old lifeguard approaches Britt and asks her to put on a "real bathing suit". After explaining that this WAS a real bathing suit and going back and forth with her for a few minutes Britt gets frustrated and says, "Look, I'm pregnant and my boobs are too big so I have to wear a sports bra underneath it!" Lifeguard girl gets VERY uncomfortable and excuses us.

The Man behind all the mischief

Andrew is pretty excited. He sends text messages with potential names every day. All the boy names that he likes, I like for girls. All the girl names I like, he likes for boys. Slight dilemma. Now the next question many might be pondering is, "well goodness, if you are 23 weeks along, AND you've had the 20 week ultrasound, what IS it? A boy or a girl." We are not finding out. No, not because we love a good surprise! But, for those of you who are familiar with Father Lemons, Vince, you know he is a betting man. A Gamblin' Man. He has a new hobby of offering mothers to be and their baby daddy a significant sum of dollars to NOT find out the gender. Not a soul has taken him up on this generous offer. And we are quite sure he expected us to follow suit. He forgot in the moment that he made the offer, however, that we have enough school debt and are poor enough that it doesn't take a whole lot of money to convince us. So not only is our little family growing, but we are making a few bucks off of it!

So there you have it. Some of you may be thinking that the two of us will make scary parents, and you are correct. There isn't much we can do about that now, and all of you "forever held your peace" when we got married!


  1. If you were still at BYU, the lifeguard would not have bat an eyelash at your comment. Anything involving children CSU

  2. Ha! You guys are so cute! Remember, no one ever used to know the gender beforehand, so ... cool you're making money off a little suspense, anyway! Funny, I only got stretch marks on my boobs & butt with my first pregnancy. You look to be like me, hardly showing at all. I'm always relieved by about 6 or 7 months along when I finally look unmistakably pregnant... then people don't wonder whether I have just gotten a little chubby, and strangers aren't afraid to ask or comment. And... whatever, Brittney, you'll be such a great mommy! Can't say I can speak for your man, though, I only met him once briefly. ;-) Hope you can decide on the name! It's all so wonderful & exciting! Best of luck with it all! I might send you some links to articles about childbirth & such, if you're not opposed to it? Be forewarned, as one who has delivered at home, my views & opinions on the subject are not... mainstream. But I have a feeling you don't care about mainstream anyway, right?
    P.S. the diaper goes on the BABY's head, not yours, silly!

  3. Replies
    1. i was wondering!! and i'm pretty open to anything, send away!

  4. Hey Andrew! I just found your blog! Ummm... CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so happy for you guys. You will be an AWESOME dad! :)

  5. Brit you are so cute pregnant!!! I wish my belly was at cute as yours. You guys will make wonderful parents I have no doubt about that so don't worry!!! Miss you guys. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask.

  6. I love this crazy post. I do not love Andrew's mustache. I do love, however, Britanny's perfect belly. It is gorgeous.

  7. The "Man behind the Mischief" made me laugh out loud! Congratulations to both of you. I will chip in $50 dollars to a pool for you TO find out what you are having.

  8. I just read this post and am dying. You guys are hilarious. I miss you both!! I can't wait to find out what kind of baby this is.